How well do we know ourselves? More importantly how honest are we about our true self? It is always difficult to write about myself in any form, so I will do my best to be true.

1. I am so unworthy
2. I am saved by the blood of Jesus Christ
3. I am so unperfect & never will be perfect
4. I am the middle child of 3
5. My parents divorced when I was 12
6. I married when I was 15
7. I dated the guy 4 months
8. I had my first child 3 months after my 1st marriage
9. I quit school 3 months before I had my first child
10. I named him Eric Junior (EJ) after my husband
11. Yes, I was young & dumb
12. Have not seen EJ's biological father since I found out I was pregnant
13. We divorced 7 years later
14. Have been happily (most of the time lol) remarried the last 6 years
15. My first job was at McDonald's
16. My currnet job is managing a home of 4 & raising 2 kids
17. My first car was a 1980 red camaro
18. I now drive a cavalier
19. I secretly WANT another sports car
20. I NEED a four door
21. I have never lived in a house
22. I dream of owning a house
23. I miss working
24. I have 3 children in heaven
25. I love my Mother
26. My sister lives close my brother doesn't
27. My dad doesn't love any of us
28. I love all kinds of music
29. I can't sit still to watch TV or a movie
30. I talk on the phone more than I should
31. I am a sugar addict
32. I have been sober (drugs & alchohol) by the grace of God for almost 8 years
33. I smoke & need to quit
34. I wish I could have more kids
35. Sometimes I glad I can't lol
36. I can't be around twins unless they are older
37. I snore- supposedly
38. I live 1 hour from where I grew up
39. I have 2 dogs & 9 chickens
40. My favorite breed of dog is a cocker spaniel
41. I love to watch the sun rise & set
42. I love Pooh Bear
43. I am a great procrastinator
44. I like to sew but rarely finish a project
45. I am a perfectionist
46. That's why it's took me so long to this list
47. While growing up I wanted to be a cop
48. I worked for a lawyer once- what a scum bag
49. I could now be a nurse and teach some who already are
50. I suffer from dpression
51. I tried to kill myself when I was in 8th grade
52. It was then I seen Jesus watching over me
53. It was then that I was the most popular cheerleader
54. My son now has depression
55. He has never been popular except with his family!
56. My brother is gay
57. One of my cousins dates a man 50+ years older than her
58. I have a schysophrenic uncle
59. The war did it to him
60. I have learned that all families have their "stories"
61. There is all kinds of horrific sexual abuse/rapes in my family
62. We are all doing great considering
63. I use to be very socialble
64. My childhood super hero was Wonder Woman
65. Now its Jesus
66. The strangest pregnancy craving I had was tuna mixed with grape jelly
67. Julia Roberts is my favorite actress
68. Nicholas Cage is my favorite actor (only beacuse I can't resist his smile)
69. I am currently reading Bryson City Tales
70. I hate snakes
71. I dream about snakes a lot
72. I see them as Satan in my dreams
73. I talk in my sleep (supposedly)
74. I love to play board games
75. I never play board games
76. I would like to go back to school
77. To be a nurse
78. I am very insecure
79. I love road trips & pic-nics
80. The ocean amazes me but scares me
81. My favorite color is purple
82. I am glad I am a woman & have never wanted to be a man
83. My favorite song is - Oh I can't choose
84. I hate to wash clothes
85. If my bath towels are folded by someone else I redo them my special way
86. I love watching my garden grow
87. Low flying planes scare me
88. Use to I thought they were cool
89. I see the worse in every situation
90. I hate that about myself
91. I love bright colors on anything!
92. I am very sentimental & a pack rat
93. My dad has my piano, childhood pics & baby book
94. I have experienced Amazing Grace!
95. I quit working in my garden if I see a worm
96. I love to fly kites with my kids
97. I was a major tomboy growing up
98. I can out shoot my husband with HIS pistol
99. I adore going to yard sales with my Mother
100. If I knew then what I know now... I would have ran as far away as I could! lol

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